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melanisticstag’s 200 follower giveaway or “we need more people in schoolgirl uniforms” giveaway!!!

So I just reached 200 followers and thought it would be great to have a giveaway. Not just any giveaway though, one where I give away a cute seifuku from bodyline and some accessories of your choice under $10. 

the rules:

1. You can reblog and like as much as you want just be wary of your followers

2. No giveaway blogs and I will be checking

3. I will ship anywhere

4. I would prefer if you would choose ONE of the following, either this one, this one or this one. If you win and do not want any of those we can talk about which item you want from bodyline.

You may choose from any accessories from bodyline that total to $10. So if you want a seven dollar choker and 3 pairs of one dollar eyelashes then go ahead!

Also if you follow me then I’ll include some accessories, nail polish or books in the package.

I’ll be picking the winner by random number generator on June 30th.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

(Source: leafbyte)

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